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Jessica Simpson flaunts 70lb weight loss

jessica simpson weight loss 2014 photoJessica Simpson openly admits that she gained a lot of weight during both of her pregnancies, and says she felt down and discouraged by both her weight gain and the media fat-shaming she endured.

“You are creating a life, and it’s not easy,” she says. “It’s a really hard thing to go through. And you deserve to eat your ice cream, you deserve to have your pancakes. Do whatever you want to do and then afterwards just know that you have to work really hard.”

But now Jessica Simpson has lost over 70lbs since giving birth to son Ace in June 2013 by following a low-carb Weight Watchers diet and exercising regularly. Jessica’s diet features a healthy mix of lean proteins and plenty of fresh vegetables. These days she eats oatmeal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and a light dinner of fish and vegetables.

jessica simpson weight loss 2014 photoJessica also walks four to five miles every day (or 8,000 to 10,000 steps), does yoga, and works out with a trainer three days a week doing a combination of cardio exercise and strength training.

Jessica can’t wait to show off her slimmed down body in what we guess is a very form fitting wedding dress. “When you see my dress, you’ll know why I dieted and exercised so hard!” she said.

There’s no doubt that Jessica Simpson looks fantastic after her 70lb weight loss, but she admits that she felt really insecure before slimming down.

“I was so insecure; I couldn’t even believe what I weighed,” Simpson told Good Morning America this week. “I don’t think I ever expected to see the numbers that I’ve seen on the scale.”

Jessica believes in the diet programme so much that she has recently filmed an advert for Weight Watchers (image still from the advert is shown below).jessica simpson weight watchers advert