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Jessica Biel ‘stays healthy but also enjoys treats’

Jessica Biel 'stays healthy but also enjoys treats'Anyone slimming at the moment may be interested in hearing how Jessica Biel keeps herself looking so trim.

The 29-year-old actress told Health & Beauty magazine she does not deny herself treats, but also tries to keep her diet as nutritious as possible.

“Everything in moderation. If I want a healthy snack, I’ll opt for hummus with crudites and I do my best to stay away from sugar, except when it comes to chocolate,” she remarked.

Biel’s mornings usually start with a shake made from ingredients including avocado and hemp milk, followed by a green tea.

However, she admitted that she sometimes indulges in an iced Americano coffee if she is in need of a caffeine hit and something tasty.

Back in August, Hitch star Eva Mendes told Zest magazine that she is also not a celebrity who deprives herself of food, although she does always try to keep her diet healthy.

Do you believe the occasional treat will keep you on the straight and narrow?