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Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss secrets revealed

Jennifer Hudson has revealed that she achieved her dramatic weight loss through adhering to a sensible quantity-controlled diet and simple but demanding workouts.

The Oscar-winning actress lost the 35 lbs of baby weight that she gained when pregnant with son David Otunga Jr and has shed even more weight since then.

Jennifer, who starred as Effie White in the film Dream Girls, is the latest spokesperson for Weightwatchers.

She wrote in her blog for the slimming company that she had spent a long time avoiding many types of food, including pizza and sushi, as she thought it was the type of food she was eating that was stopping her from losing weight.

“Now I realise it was the quantity that was my issue,” she explained.

Jennifer added: “I am amazed to realise that you don’t have to be miserable while you are losing weight. You can eat what you love. I am.”

People magazine reported recently that LA-based trainer Harley Pasternak had a helping hand in the star’s weight loss too.

It claims that she started off doing 25-minute circuit-training routines five days a week, which involved cardio exercises, lunges, shoulder presses and abdominal exercises.

Now, eight months later, she does 50-minute routines with an additional 25 minutes of cardio.

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