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Is weight loss written in the stars?

Is weight loss written in the stars?Although each person has their own preferred method of slimming down, it appears that our weight loss regimens may actually be written in the stars.

That is the opinion of astrologer Sharon Ward, who told the Daily Mail that a person’s star sign can have a major bearing on their inclination to eat healthily, exercise and stay motivated, and they need to tailor their regimens accordingly.

For example, she notes that Cancerians are prone to comfort eating, bingeing and seeing food as a comfort, while they are also averse to intense exercise, so it is best to try swimming or Tai Chi.

Conversely, Capricorns are both motivated and dedicated, so will stick to a healthy eating plan no matter what and are also capable of working out on their own, without the need for somebody to encourage them.

Aquarians are, on the other hand, free spirited, with Ms Ward noting: “You make, and break, the rules as you go along, which makes sticking to a diet a challenge!”

She added: “Sagittarians are voluptuous, strong and vibrant, so choose an exercise regime that reflects that and an exotic diet, while Geminis are sparkly, youthful and always on the go, so find it hard to stick to the same diet or exercise regime.”

The next time people think about embarking on a weight loss regiment, Ms Ward suggests it may be worth tailoring the exercise and diet plan to the type of person you are – it’s written in the stars, after all.