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Is Cat shrinking to fit?

We were shocked to see these new pictures of our favourite brummie, Cat Deeley, looking scarily skinny. Cat, 35, is at the top of the US TV game, despite fierce competition from zero-size wannabes and she reportedly makes £5m a series as the popular host of So You Think You Can Dance?
Cat has always had a petite frame, but she’s become even slimmer in recent weeks. Previously a size 8 – 10, Cat denies she’s succumbed to Hollywood’s pressures to lose weight but admits she’s swapped traditional British sausage and mash for lighter bites, saying, ‘You find yourself eating healthier food out here because of the weather. I eat more salads and fish…’
On the other hand, she’s been dating Ulster TV presenter Patrick Kielty for almost 6 months, so maybe she’s just in the first flush of her new romance.