Interview With... Siobhan Salter - Slimming Solutions

Interview With… Siobhan Salter

We caught up this week with owner of blog ‘That What She Writes’ on everything blogging, social media, fitness, and of course… us!


1.     Tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Siobhan, I’m 29 years old (Soon to hit the big 3-0!), and I work full time in an office working in sales and administration.  My passion is writing, which is why I have my blog.  I’m also a huge bookwork and one of my favourite ways to relax after a hard day is to snuggle up in bed with my nose stuck in a book.  I’m also a massive foodie and love nothing more than discovering new restaurants and dishes.  When I’m not busy with work, my blog or my YouTube channel you can mostly find me dreaming about my next trip to Disney or the Harry Potter studio tour.

2.     What got you into blogging?

I first discovered blogs around five years ago when I should have been writing my dissertation.  I first came across beauty blogs, and decided to try my hand at that for a while, but soon realised that I didn’t like being pigeon holed into one category.  From there I discovered lifestyle blogs and fell in love with them (I think I just enjoy nosing into other people’s lives!), and from there have run a number of lifestyle blogs, my current one being That’s What She Writes.

3.     What’s your favourite book?

Apart from the Harry Potter series (Obvs!), it would have to be the Dark Materials Trilogy by Phillip Pullman.  They’re the first ever set of books that absolutely captivated me, and also the first books that ever made me cry.  I remember when I finished the final book of the trilogy and was still crying half an hour later!!!


4.     What do you do to stay healthy?

I really try to watch what I eat, and although most of the time I do it fairly healthy, I am an emotional eater and can turn to chocolate when I’m feeling sad.  These days I try and put my will power into practice more, and if I feel the urge for naughty food I do something else that makes me feel better instead, like go for a walk to clear my head or read a book.  I also make sure I get out for a walk at least 3 times a week to keep my body moving.  Working in an office means I don’t really get to move my body as much as I should, so I make the concious effort to get my legs moving in the evening.


5.     What are your thoughts on media and body image?

I find the media focuses far too much on how we look, when I think we should be focusing on how we feel inside.  Of course we want to feel good in our own skin, but I can honestly say my reasoning for losing weight is not to be slimmer (Although that would obviously be nice!), but it is for my health.  The weight I have put on over the past few years leaves me feeling run down and sluggish, I feel the weight I’m now carrying putting extra strain on my knees, and I just don’t feel comfortable in myself at the moment.  I don’t want to feel out of breath from just walking up a flight of stairs, I want to be full of energy to kick each day’s ass!

I don’t often read what the media says about how I should or shouldn’t look these days.  I don’t need to be made to feel guilty about my current weight situation.  I’m fully aware I created it and only I can fix it, but being an emotional eater, reading the media’s opinion can be damaging to me.  It makes me feel rubbish about myself, and I turn to food when I feel that way.  If I stay away from the negativity, then I decrease the chances of falling into that mindset.

positive vibes

6.     How do you deal with self-confidence?

I’ll be honest at the moment and say my self-confidence is at an all time low.  I’ve never felt so low about myself and my weight, and it is something I’m working hard every day to fix.  On days when I’m feeling especially bad, I like to meal plan, as I can keep track of what I’m putting into my body.  I really enjoy planning and organising, and find if I have a plan in place in terms of what I’m putting into my body then I’m less likely to deviate and think “I’ll just grab a McDonald’s after work tonight“.

I won’t pretend that sometimes I get a bit down on my looks too, but when I feel like this I like to give myself a little pamper.  Whether that be putting a face mask on to help my skin, giving myself a manicure, or having a nice relaxing bath, not only does pampering yourself make you feel a lot better in your own skin, but it’s a great way to look after your body too.


7.     What did you think of our teatox?

It was a great product.  I’m not into fad diets or diet pills.  I would much rather lose weight with changing what I’m putting into my body, healthy eating and exercise, but the herbal teatox teabags were a great way to help me shed a few extra pounds for the couple of weeks I had them.  I like herbal teas anyway, and I just find this is a much healthier alternative to losing a little extra without potentially causing any harm to my body.


8.     Would you tell others to buy our products?

Absolutely!  I have spoken about Slimming Solutions a few times on my blog and social media channels and highly recommended you to my readers!

9.     What other Slimming Solutions product do you have or would love to have?

I would love to try some more of the teas.  There is a slimmers tea pack with three different types of tea.  I would love to try that to see which one works best for me.

10.  What would you say to anyone who doesn’t feel confident in their skin and wanting to lose weight?

I would say you have to get yourself into the right head space, but once you’re there just go for it.  Losing weight takes will power and determination.  Anybody who’s an emotional eater like me will know how difficult it is to say no to the sweet treats.  A bad day can equate to doubling your daily calorie allowance.  Plan, organise and set yourself an end goal.  Give yourself realistic milestones to reach.  Invest in some good nutrition cook books.  Have fun with it.  Experiment with new foods and dishes, find what works for you and what doesn’t, but whatever you do don’t make it feel like a chore.  For me personally that’s when it all starts to go wrong for me.  Incorporate the things you love into your weight loss journey.  For example I absolutely love being in the kitchen and cooking, so I experiment with healthier meals in the kitchen, and although I hate the gym, I love to walk, so I get out for a 40 minute walk at least 3 times a week to make sure my body is moving like it’s built to.


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