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Ingredient in chilli pepper ‘aids weight loss’

Ingredient in chilli pepper 'aids weight loss'Capsaicin, an ingredient in chilli peppers, can cause weight loss and fight the build-up of fat, a study has suggested.

The results of research carried out by scientists from Daegu University in Korea show that this weight loss effect is caused as capsaicin triggers certain beneficial protein changes in the body.

Details of the study, which could lead to new treatments for obesity, have been published in the American Chemical Society’s monthly Journal of Proteome Research.

Previous studies have suggested that capsaicin could help in the fight against obesity as it decreases calorie intake, shrinks fat tissue and lowers fat levels in the blood.

However, it is not fully understood how capsaicin achieves such beneficial effects.

The NHS recommends chilli as a good ingredient for vegetarians to use in their meals, as it adds flavour and makes meat-free meals more appetising.

Are you tempted to add more chillies to your diet having read this?