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Increasing exercise levels ‘relieves stress’

Increasing exercise levels 'relieves stress'Trying to lose weight can be very stressful, but this can be relieved by increasing exercise levels, a laser therapist has claimed.

Anne Penman used laser therapy to help her quit smoking in 1991 and she now uses it to help other people give up their addictions, lose weight and decrease their stress levels.

She told the Daily Record that physical activity increases a person's general levels of happiness.

"Exercise helps release endorphins into the body which have the effect of making you feel good about yourself. It also releases built up tension in the body," Ms Penman said.

She went on to say that people should choose activities that they really like doing, as allowing exercise to become a chore will just make a person more stressed.

Ms Penman's laser therapy helps to reduce people's food cravings by targeting a cold laser beam at specific energy points located on the hands, ears, nose, wrists, arms, legs and feet.

Would you consider alternative therapies in your bid to lose weight?