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Improved skin ‘achieved by diet’

Improved skin 'achieved by diet'Weight loss is a common reason to achieve a healthier diet, but it could also do wonders for the skin, an expert has noted.

Lynsey Haywood wrote in the Sun that if skin is flaky or dry, it could indicate the individual is not getting enough essential fatty acids, which are gained through the consumption of certain fish, seeds and nuts.

Sagging skin can be due to chemicals in fried food as well as cigarette smoke and the sun, while pimples indicate stress, the expert added.

She named a few foodstuffs that can be extremely useful when it comes to eating your way to a better body, and improved skin.

Blackberries were first on the list, as they help the body to produce collagen and are rich in antioxidants, which combat signs of ageing.

Also making the top five were oily fish, such as sardines, mackerel and fresh tuna, kiwi fruit, dark chocolate and asparagus.

This follows advice from nutritional therapist Charlotte Watts, who said that people should ease themselves into their new year's diet rather than going from A to Z too quickly.

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