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Hula-hooping may be a fun way of slimming

Hula-hooping may be a fun way of slimmingHula-hooping could prove to be a fun way of slimming for people on the lookout for a different form of exercise.

Hoop Fitness instructor Kelsey Hartmann from Utah told that her participants find it an excellent workout, with the potential to burn up to 300 calories in half an hour.

She pointed out that the Hoopnotica methods she uses in her teaching are particularly good for toning the body and also providing core strength, something that could be beneficial for avoiding back pain.

Don't worry if you couldn't hula-hoop as a child either – Ms Hartmann explained that adult hoops are easier to keep on the waist because they are a little heavier than children's hoops.

All you need is a little practice each day and you could be swinging and twisting your way to a better body.

This follows similar advice from personal trainer Karen Marzec, who told the Chicago Tribune last month that she also thinks hula-hooping is a fantastic workout.

Do you fancy giving hula-hooping a try this autumn?