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Hula-hooping ‘is a great way to lose weight’

Hula-hooping 'is a great way to lose weight'Anyone on the lookout of a new, fun way to lose weight could consider joining a hula-hooping class.

Personal trainer Karen Marzec teaches people how to keep fit using the popular tools and she told the Chicago Tribune that they are a great way of toning your body, improving core strength and burning plenty of calories.

However, despite the fact that hula-hooping is easy to get back into and provides a low-impact workout, the expert warned those who are sceptical about its effectiveness that it is no walk in the park.

"People are shocked by the sweat they work up in a 45-minute class," Ms Marzec remarked.

She also pointed out that a session can have other benefits as well as improving your body and being great fun.

"It's also great for the mind. If you think about anything else, your hoop will fall," the expert added.

According to, participants can burn anywhere between 400 and 600 calories an hour, so classes could be ideal for slimming.

Would you have a go at hula-hooping?