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How to Save 100 Calories at Breakfast

Diets can be a tricky business, and although cutting a few calories here and there may seem quite easy, it can be hard to decide where to save calories and what to keep eating.

Most people can be inclined into thinking that once they’ve started eating, they’ll feel hungry more throughout the day and skip breakfast, assuming that they can manage until lunch time. That is never a good idea!

We’ve constructed a guide that can be used to reduce 100 calories from your breakfast, but will still fill you up. Try these straightforward tips to beat the diet without skimping on healthy foods – great!

So, if you still have not had your breakfast, try this out!

  1. Have a grill-up instead of a fry-up. Grilled tomatoes, bacon and toast (in place of a fried slice) this will spare more than 100 calories, without losing on its taste.
  2. If you like a sugary spread like Jam or Nutella on your toast, then substitute for plain toast with a piece of fruit – this will still give you a hit of something sweet with the added extra of fibre and vitamins.
  3. Have a cappuccino or a skimmed-milk version of your usual full-fat latte.
  4. If you desire a muffin, try a skinny or wholemeal form of them – you will be saving on calories and fat, while still getting your morning treat.
  5. Use a vegetarian option of sausage and bacon – they will be lower in fat and calories due to their absence of animal fats, and they generally taste the same as the standard.
  6. Switch your morning sugar-laden cereals for a plain version – the “healthy” cereals such as Fruit and Fibre can in fact be burdened with sugar and salt – which will therefore contain calories.
  7. Try a boiled or poached egg rather then having a cream laced scrambled eggs or a greasy fried egg, and eating them with wholemeal toast soldiers for more fibre filling breakfast.
  8. Consider your portion sizes – when pouring your cereal do you have the recommended 40g serving or a bowl full? This way you could be adding up to 150 calories on your intake.
  9. Swap your bagel for a slice of wholegrain or granary toast. They taste the same with cream cheese or smoked salmon on top.
  10. I’ve saved the best for last…simply just eat breakfast! People that do eat in the morning actually consume fewer calories during the day, and are less likely to be overweight.