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How to lose weight (but still have fun) this weekend

women-shakesIf you’re tired of overdoing it all weekend and then starting from square one on Monday, you’re not alone. The good news is you can stick with your healthy game plan, continue to lose weight, and have an awesome weekend. All it takes is a little planning and willpower.

Eat carbs in the morning

You can have your carbs – and eat them, too! But try to enjoy them at breakfast or brunch. When you eat carbs earlier in the day, you’ll have time to burn them off throughout the day.

Go on an exercise date

Instead of heading for another meal out, grab a friend and go for a gym workout or exercise class. The time will fly by, you’ll spend time together, and you’ll be less likely to bail if your plan is already in place.

Research the restaurant

Before heading out with friends to a new restaurant, check out your options beforehand. As you walk through the front door, you should be confident that there’s something on the menu for your needs.

Stay hydrated

Many people confuse thirst with hunger, so keep your water bottle handy at all times. It also helps you pace yourself at meals, stay healthy, and not overdo it when there’s alcohol around, especially if you practice water backing when you’re out. (Water backing is when you have a glass of water between each alcoholic drink.)

Go for a long workout

Even squeezing in a quick workout during the week can be rough, so schedule a longer workout at the weekend. Go for a hike, do a 90 minute dance class, or head out for that run you’ve been putting off all week.

Don’t hold out for a big meal

When you sit down to a special meal hungry, you’re more likely to overeat and overdrink. Not to mention, withholding yourself from the nutrients and calories your body needs for fuel seriously messes with your metabolism.

Control your portions

There’s no reason you can’t enjoy your favourite foods over the weekend. But if you have a hard time slowing down or pushing the plate away, it’s essential to keep your portions under control. If you’re really craving something, go for a half order or split it with friends.

Have a before and after plan

When you know you’re having a big meal or a night out, set yourself up for success by planning out your workout and healthy meals for the hours leading up to it, and the following day. This is the best way to indulge guilt-free.

Get some sleep

Instead of staying up or out late, make sure you’re getting (at least) seven hours of shut-eye. Not only does lack of sleep affect your mood, but it also affects your levels of hunger-regulating hormones, which can mess with your weight loss goals.

Have fun!

Stress triggers the body to eat more – especially foods high in sugar and fat – so leave plenty of time to relax and unwind. Not only will this help you on your weight loss journey, but it will also make sure you return to work refreshed on Monday!


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