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How to juice boost your life?

The short term juicing detox is not about getting your five-a-day. The “juice boost” is credited for glowing skin, weight loss and even warding off colds!

Carol Brace, nutritionist, explains “Increasing the amount of vegetables and fruit you eat can have massive improvements on your overall health and can also boost your energy levels significantly.” Both raw fruit and vegetables contain compounds that can help boost your immune system to help fight illnesses.

Living on juice is not recommended but it is perfectly safe to do a juice detox for 3 to 7 days as part of a controlled nutritional programme.

Natasha Hamilton former member of Atomic Kitten has recently spoke about her time in Turkey with the Juice Master Jason Vale.  Natasha didn’t want to lose weight, she wanted to improve her stamina and feel less sluggish. The singer had up to three different juices and an evening soup –each one was designed to energise, cleanse and boost immunity. Natasha revealed at first it was tough for her not eating and she did get hungry, but as the days went on she noticed her skin clearing up and she reported she was sleeping a lot better.

She says: “Since getting home I’ve introduced the juicing into my normal diet. I will have a juice for breakfast and eat healthy meals throughout the day. I’m really enjoying it.

Try this simple refreshing recipe at home to get you started!

Sherbet Appleade

  • 2 golden delicious apples
  • 1 third of an unwaxed lemon
  • Ice cubes and slices of lime

Method: Juice the apple and lemon then add ice and lime

Have you ever used a juice diet to detox and slim?