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How to get Kim’s bootylicious booty!

She’s famous for her bootylicious booty, but what you may or may not know is that Kim’s iconic backside hasn’t always been the eye-catcher it is now.

The 31 year old beauty, who insists she has never had bum implants – and even underwent an X-ray to prove it – has managed to enhance her curves over the past five years. However interestingly, everyone’s favourite Kardashian’s behind appears to be bigger, but the rest of her doesn’t.

Celebrity fitness expert Nicki Waterman declares that it is possible to lose weight, tone up but still be voluptuous and insists it is surprisingly easy to get a derriere just like Kim’s!

“There are several exercises you can do”, Nicki says. “The first is running. That’s the quickest way to achieve a toned butt in a short time. Interval training is the most efficient way of doing it – running for short, intense bursts. This is crucial for muscle building”.

“Second is squats. I used to have a pear shape, but squats work wonders for your bottom. And finally do lunges. This really helps get you into shape”, she added.

Nicki goes on to say, “There are also lifestyle changes you can make. Walking up the stairs helps tone the bum, and having a healthy balanced diet. It’s not about making your bum big, and then toning it – you have to tone it from the start”.

Nicki also reveals that you can clearly see which celebs aren’t fans of squats or lunges.

“Someone like Victoria Beckham has a completely flat bottom. She clearly doesn’t do any squats or lunges, which is why she has no definition in that area”.

We know that at only 5ft 2, Kim works hard to maintain her figure, but Nicki does admit that good genes do help.

“Obviously a lot of it is down to genetics, says Nicki. “Kim has a naturally round bottom, but she’s toned it to become rounded and more pert”.

Kim admitted recently that she never appreciated her voluptuous figure when she was younger.

“I never knew to embrace curves. I looked at my aunt and cousins and saw these Armenian women with big butts and boobs and I didn’t realise how attractive it was”.

Well now she knows…

Would you love a booty like Miss Kardashian?