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How to get Jennifer Metcalfe’s bum

jennifer-metcalfeFrom Beyonce’s derriere, to J Lo and Kim Kardashian’s famous rears, big bums are in and here to stay.

And there’s a new lady on the block. Okay, so she’s not that new but she’s certainly up there in the battle of the booties. Apart from acting, Hollyoaks’ star Jen is also well known for her shapely bum.

The 29 year old star has admitted in the past to having a love-hate relationship with her body, which yo-yo’s between a size 6 and 12, but is now happy with her saucy shape admitting:

‘I love being an hourglass shape! My bum is quite a shelf, it’s got meat, it wobbles and sticks out.’



The Strictly Come Dancing contestant much prefers morning workouts to ‘get it out the way’, and attends body pump classes twice a week at the gym, as well as running on the treadmill and doing weights.

Her preferred machine is the ‘Treadclimber’, which involves walking fast uphill, it burns calories while focusing on toning the quadriceps.

Our rears consists of 3 main muscles: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and the gluteus minimus.

Fitness trainer Janet Roget advises: ‘Walking is great for the glutes.  Everytime you take a step, your using your glute muscles.

Squats and lunges tone the bum and thighs while increasing muscle size.

Further maximise your ass-ets with leg lifts, planks and the bridge.



Jennifer drinks lots of water daily to keep her booty free from cellulite, and opts for brown wholemeal bread which is less bloating.

The soap star doesn’t deprive herself of anything, but sticks to healthy meals such as eggs and lean bacon, jacket potatoes with grilled chicken or fish, and steak with vegetables.

Just goes to show you don’t need to lose weight to keep your big bum!

Jen’s tips:

Daily fitness DVDs are great but rotate them so your body doesn’t get used to the exercises, try to do these at the same time every day.


Which of you have a big booty and are proud of it?