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How to get a body like TOWIE’s Lucy!

lucy-mecklenburghTOWIE’s Lucy Mecklenburgh may have had a turbulent love life over the past few years, but she’s channelling all her energy into looking and feeling great!

The 21-year-old reality star experienced sudden weight loss recently and  has been on a major health kick. However with the help of her personal trainer and a whole load of self-discipline, has sculpted her body to perfection.

She said: “Before I started training I was still slim, but I had a lot of cellulite on my bum and down my legs. I didn’t have a lot of energy. I didn’t feel healthy and I knew I needed to start training.

“My biggest concern was getting too much muscle in my arms because I didn’t want to lose the feminine look, and just fitting it in really. I’ve got such a busy schedule, but it’s what everyone uses as their excuse ‘I can’t fit it in’.

Lucy spoke out about her fitness regime, claiming: “When I first started training I was surprised with how much I’d actually enjoyed it and looked forward to my sessions.

“I also noticed a difference in myself. I felt healthier. I noticed the difference after just a couple of weeks in my body, and after a few months I had lots more energy,” she added.

I’ve lost all my cellulite, my body feels amazing, I’ve started to get little abs and I just feel great in myself,” she also revealed.

Want a body like Lucy’s? Here’s how to get one:

1.    Eat a good breakfast. Porridge oats are a great source of slow-release energy, keeping you filled up for longer.

2.    Take up yoga to tone the muscles you rarely use in normal workouts.

3.    Up your protein intake – replace stodgy carbs with grilled salmon, homemade chargrilled kebabs and plenty of fresh vegetables.

4.    Switch calorie-laden wine for light and fruity cocktails.

5.    Don’t give up! Even if you fall off the wagon today, tomorrow is a fresh start.

Would you love a body like Lucy’s?