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How to drop a dress size in one week

The bride and groom - the photograph in the Park.We all have those times when we need to lose pounds and drop a dress size as quickly as possible. Perhaps we have been invited to a party and need to fit into a particular slinky number, or the wedding is one week away and we still cannot zip up the wedding gown or it is beach season and the love handles are still spilling over the itsy bitsy bikini. Whatever your reason for needing a quick drop in dress size, there are several solutions and methods that you can employ to achieve this seemingly insurmountable feat.

As hard as it may be to believe, most of us are holding a kilo or two that could be easily be shifted in a week by making a few minor lifestyle changes. Sleep deprivation, eating overly salty foods, water retention and toxin buildup can result in a few extra pounds. You can easily lose up to 4 kilos in one week by removing or changing these factors. Below are a few methods you can use to reach a smaller dress size in a span of seven days.

Want to drop a dress size for a special event?

  1. Cut out Carbohydrates and refined sugars: these two culprits are notorious for giving you a short energy boost when you consume them. However, your energy levels soon crash and you need to consume more of them for increased energy which may result in weight gain. Cutting out these items for one week can result in significant weight loss and allow you to fit into that LBD in no time.
  2. Use Shapewear: shape wear has traditionally been used to hide wobbly bits when you need to wear form fitting clothes without the jiggly bits of your body moving every which way. However, today’s shapewear including high waisted briefs, slips and bodysuits are also designed to reduce your body measurements temporarily and allow you to fit into smaller clothing as and when required.
  3. Detox and Body Flushes: Toxin buildup can lead to water retention and leave you looking and feeling bloated and overweight. Performing a cleanse of a few days using such items as lemon, vinegar and water can help to flush out toxins and reduce bloating resulting in a smaller dress size.
  4. Body Wrap Treatment:  Body wraps utilize a process known as lipolysis to shrink fat cells and reduce your body measurements.  Body wraps also help to flush out toxins and excess retained water which can leave you looking slimmer.

There are many great and safe ways to slim down quickly and drop a dress size when you need to.  In addition to these fast slimming methods, you should also incorporate a nutritious diet and a moderately active exercise program in order to attain and retain that svelte physique you have been dreaming of.

Exercise plays a big part in weight loss, anything from a 10 minute power walk with the dog to a marathon.  Every little helps.