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How to deal with diet setbacks

 As published on, even if after trying your best, you still put on a pound or two over Christmas, you can get back on track if you think positively and adopt these tips.Don’t be too hard on yourself: Try to lapse for what it is – just a lapse, and not a complete collapse.  No one is perfect.  Everyone puts on weight over Christmas and it’s how you deal with it that matters.  If you forgive yourself and move on, you’re much more likely to succeed in the longer term.Cut back on salty foods: This can help you lose a pound or two almost overnight, which is a welcome boost when you need motivation.  Salt holds onto water which can cause water retension and bloating.  It can also make you drink more sugary drinks which add to the problem.Reset your weight loss goals: If your previous weight loss goals are now unrealstic, reset them.  Otherwise you’ll just feel more and more disheartened and a negative attitude will creep in and sabotage your weight loss attempts.Make a game plan to avoid set backs in the future: Think about what triggered you to overeat and how you might avoid a reocurrance in the future.  It might be as simple as not having particular foods in the house, eating proper meals at regular times or preparing food to take with you rather than buying it when you’re out.  Keeping a food diary wil help to work out your most common over eating times and triggers.Find yourself a healthy plan for life: Dieting rarely succeeds, but eating healthily for life does.  Your healthy eating plan should be achieveable, enjoyable and include small amounts of treat foods so you don’t feel deprived.  In other words, focus on health and life long habits rather than weight loss.Learn to stay positive through a plateau: A weight loss plateau is normal and how you deal with it can mean the difference between success and failure.  Stay focused on how well you’ve done so far, try to stay active, investigate new and healthy and tasty recipes so you stay motivated and be good to yourself with non food treats (early nights, a warm bath or a DVD).