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How often do you weigh yourself?

When you’re trying to lose weight, weighing yourself is usually one of the biggest yet most torturous things on your mind.

It is reported that a lot of people use measurements instead of the scale and for many it’s more important to be losing inches than to be losing pounds.

A recent survey revealed that many do not care about numbers on the scale but seeing the numbers on the tape measure change is a lot more motivation.

To most women especially, the number doesn’t really matter if your clothes fit better (or become too big).

It is a fact that weighing in the morning is an accurate measurement because your body is “empty” – It’s just you.  If you weigh yourself later in the day or in the evening, after you have eaten and done other things, it’s not just you on the scale.

It is “more accurate” to weigh yourself at a set time of day and under a similar circumstance as possible and you should always use your own scale. Scales aren’t always accurate or precise. Your scale may read a couple of pounds different from your friend’s scale or the scale at the gym. By using the same scale each time; your actual changes in weight will be accurate

Weighing yourself everyday can become very discouraging. However, regular weigh-ins keeps up the motivation for you to stay on a healthy path.

Remember, if you are wanting the lose weight; the best way is to lose it steadily. You should aim for a weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week, so you shouldn’t be disheartened if you don’t necessarily see results everyday. However, don’t worry – it will happen!

How often do you weight yourself?