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Lisa Snowdon’s Diet and Exercise Tips

OK Magazine reported that as one of the UK’s most successful models, Lisa Snowdon knows a thing or two about looking good and keeping in shape.

Lisa still manages to look amazing on screen on Britain’s Next Top Model next to a group of wannabe girls half her age. No wonder the likes of George Clooney have been wowed by her perfectly proportioned figure!

But while Lisa, who is 5ft 9in and weighs around nine stone, has built a career on her stunning looks, she still has a refreshingly relaxed approach to staying in shape. In fact she says she has never been on a diet! “Diets like Atkins seem to make people miserable”, she says. “I eat healthily and am fairly active so I have never felt the need”.

A firm believer in the phrase “start the day as you mean to go on”, Lisa avoids fat-laden fry-ups and enjoys a healthy breakfast every morning, which gives her the energy she needs to start the day.

“I always have breakfast because it’s such an important meal, and either have porridge and a banana or a bagel”, she says.

And instead of restricting her diet, Lisa chooses healthy options for lunch, which will not only be kind to her waist, but keep her feeling full for longer too! “I have sushi or pasta”, she reveals.

Being a huge fan of Italian food, Lisa enjoys vegetarian lasagne or a Caprese salad, which is packed with super-healthy staples of the Mediterranean diet – fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and extra virgin olive oil, which helps lower cholesterol and can protect against heart disease.

In the evening, Lisa often eats out at restaurants, but she makes sure she chooses healthy alternatives – which are just as tasty and filling as other options. “My favourite is Japanese teriyaki”, she reveals. This dish of grilled meat or fish marinated in a sweet soy sauce is a great source of protein and is also low in fat.

But Lisa also believes that having the occasional treat is not a bad thing, and she does indulge in the odd packet of crisps every now and again – in moderation. “If you want a packet of crisps, have one – just don’t have ten”, she advises. For a healthier snack, she has a bag of Twiglets – 30g contains just 117 calories and 3g of fat.

To satisfy her sweet tooth without piling on the pounds, Lisa opts for low-fat desserts. “My favourites are frozen fruits – like figs and strawberries – with sorbet”, she reveals. But like most of us, chocolate is her vice. “I love chocolate. I can’t just eat a couple of chunks, the whole bar has to go!” she laughs.

“Green & Black’s is my downfall. In my defence, there is no rubbish in there – it’s all natural”.

As far as exercise is concerned, Lisa is not a big fan of the gym. But she appreciates that she needs to take care of herself these days in order to keep her enviable figure.

“Since I reached my thirties, I’ve noticed my body has changed – particularly my belly”, she confesses. “It’s definitely harder to stay toned now that I’m getting older. You have to work twice as hard to keep things in the same place”.

In order to stay slim, Lisa – who once said that sex keeps her in shape – has enlisted the help of a personal trainer to put her through her paces twice a week. “I’ve been on a workout plan for the last year”, she says. “I work out twice a week with my trainer. I run and do a lot of yoga and Pilates-type core stability moves”.

But it’s not all hard work and no play! Single Lisa still enjoys girlie nights out and a drink or two. “I love alcohol”, she laughs. “Champagne, white wine, red wine and vodka. I love Bloody Marys!”

Sounds like Lisa has perfected the art of keeping her model-perfect figure and having fun!

Lisa’s Diet

You don’t have to starve yourself to get in model shape – Lisa’s plan will satisfy every appetite.


A large mixed-fruit smoothie.


Two poached eggs on wholemeal toast.


An assortment of sushi.


Homemade vegetable lasagne with a mixed-leaf salad.


A large Caprese Salad


Teriyaki fish with noodles or steamed veg.


A small bar of organic dark chocolate.


A banana.

The Exercise Plan

1.       Running for one hour, twice a week.

2.       Pilates for one hour, twice a week.

3.       Yoga for one hour, once a week.

Credit: OK Magazine