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How Britney dropped a dress size

US X Factor judge Britney, 30, has been showing off her fantastic toned body in a host of figure hugging dresses and recently Tweeted a pic of herself in a bikini, revealing her super- flat tum.  The 5ft 4 mum hit the gym to lose weight before the show started, going from a size 10 and 10st 4lbs to a size 8 and 8st 10lbs.  She’s been working out with her fiancé and former manager Jason Trawick, doing a mixture of cardio on the treadmill, cross-training, Pilates and weights.  Britney also cut out the booze, and is sticking to five small meals a day full of foods like brown rice, tofu, salmon and greens.  She allows herself a “cheat meal” – or a treat like a Frappucino – once a week.

Eating five small meals each day, rather than 3 larger ones, is great for boosting energy levels.  This means your less likely to suffer from energy dips that lead you to snack on sugary foods.

Do you prefer to eat little and often?