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Hormone levels ‘could predict weight regain’

Hormone levels 'could predict weight regain'Many people know the frustration of putting weight back on after they have lost it, but a new study has shown that this could be predicted by measuring hormone levels.

The results of work conducted by researchers from University of Santiago in Spain show how the hormones leptin and ghrelin affect weight regain after weight loss.

"This knowledge could be used as a tool to personalise weight loss programmes that could guarantee success in keeping off the weight," said lead author of the study Dr Ana Crujeiras.

Some 104 obese or overweight men and women were involved in the study and their hormone concentrations were measured before, during and after they dieted.

Subjects with higher plasma leptin and lower ghrelin levels before dieting were found to be more prone to regaining the weight they lost.

Back in July, researchers from the University of Copenhagen found that computer work makes women's blood sugar levels fluctuate and causes hunger hormones to increase.

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