Hoodia and How it works

Hoodia and how it works

History of Hoodia

The Kalahari Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert have been using Hoodia to suppress their appetite for thousands of years. It’s main action was to reduce the hungerand the thirst that would overcome them during long hunting trips. They would even feed their dogs Hoodia to keep them from eating their own food supplies. Even now the African natives still chew the leaves of the Hoodia plant to stop them from starving and being very exhausted. For the western world however it is a fairly recent discovery- not so much the existence of the plant but the tremendous benefit it has on reducing human appetite and to the weight loss industry.

One of the first studies done was in the UK on obese patients who volunteered to take part. Half of the patients were giving Hoodia Gordonii and the other half were given a Placebo. The subjects then were only obliged to eat, read and watch TV. After 15 days they found that those who has been taking the Hoodia had reduced their calorie intake by 1000 calories a day. Even though they had full access to food, they lost weight without even feeling hungry.

Key benefits of taking the right Hoodia products:

  • The good thing about Hoodia pills is that they have no side effects whatsover. (In some cases there could be drowsiness).
  • Hoodia has several names such as Hoodia, Ghaap, Hoodia Cactus, Xhooba, Hoodia Gordonii and South African desert Cactus.
  • Any person who takes Hoodia will definately notice they have more energy and feel much better in themselves.
  • Hoodia Gordonii is Organic
  • Genuine and Pure Hoodia Gordonii supplements should not be detoxifying, or contain amphetamine, diuretic or Ephedra like many other weight loss pills.

How it works:

Hoodia can make you physically less hungry as it contains a molecule that Scientists call a p57 which is responsible for making us feel full Scientists believe. Typically when you consume food this turns into Glucose and when the Glucose in your body rises it finally signals to your brain that you are in fact full.

A number of people reported that when they were taking the Hoodia they felt they never had the urge to want to eat and that the Hoodia also made them feel full. As many of us appreciate we can feel physically satisfied when we have finished eating, but we still eat for a medley of reasons like timing or social influence if someone is eating then we feel the urge to and emotional factors can contribute as well; if your feeling down you tend to comfort eat. It’s not physical hunger that is responsible for overeating but in fact emotional eating.

By taking Hoodia it lets you start to accomplish genuine, beneficial food choices. People won’t want to take Hoodia forever however this is a good way to lose weight and embark on eating your way to a healthier diet and with less pain and deprivation. A reduced appetite should be noticed after a 48 hour period for a majority of dieters if the suggested and recommended dosage is taken.

Hoodia Products:

There are many Hoodia products available in the Hoodia range:

Hoodia Mints- Hoodia has only been available in tablet from because of the bitter taste; this however with a mild mint flavour can be sucked, chewed and swallowed. Buy Online!

Hoodia Lollipops- The unique delivery of natural ingredients is the most remarkable form of delivery overtaking the tablets or capsules. By the time a person fully consumes a Power Pop this can take up to 30 minutes. The natural ingredients will then have been absorbed into the body and the hunger will have been suppressed vastly. A Power Pop can rapidly reduce the cravings you can get between meals and they also give you an extra boost of energy. The good thing about Hoodia Power Pops is that they don’t contain any fats so as well as having as sweet treat you can also lose weight too! Buy Online!

Hoodia Patches- This drastically reduces your food cravings and it certainly makes dieting alot more easier. These are perfect for people who don’t like swallowing tablets/capsules. Buy Online!

Hoodia Pills – Could reduce appetite by up to 2,000 calories a day. Practical and easy to take (you definately wouldn’t want to eat ‘raw’ Hoodia- it’s awful). Buy online!