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Hilary Duff’s Pre-Wedding Diet & Exercise Plan

Actress Hilary Duff had been hitting the gym at least five times a week in preparation for her wedding to NHL player Mike Comrie which occurred last weekend.

Duff’s workout involved intense cardio sessions with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak along with her trainer’s specialised diet plan.

“Each workout starts with a cardio warm up of jump rope and jogging, then we do a circuit of upper body, lower body and abdominals”, Pasternak told website, UsMagazine. “We go through each exercise and do about 25 reps. We’ll repeat that circuit about four times and then end with cardio at the end”.

The stunning singer’s personal trainer told of how she revamped her diet leading up to her big day. Her new diet plan consisted of munching on foods like egg white omelets, chopped salads and Hilary’s personal favourite Miso black cod.

“Hilary had a different motivation because she was getting ready for her special day, She’s really noticed a huge difference, practically all over”, trainer Harley expressed. “She looks phenomenal. We trimmed her midsection, so it will be tight. Her arms look amazing”.

The fitness coach and good friend told of how he was greatly looking forward to Duff and Comrie becoming husband and wife, expressing “They are both dear friends, and I wish for them to have the most amazing life together”.

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