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High-fibre, low-fat diet ‘improves health’

High-fibre, low-fat diet 'improves health'A diet that is high in fibre but low in fat is good for the health, an expert has claimed.

Personal trainer Graeme Hilditch, who is author and founder of fitFAQS.co.uk, suggested that such a diet must be accompanied by other healthy lifestyle choices if weight loss is to occur and be maintained.

"Contrary to what you might read in magazines or celebrity health and fitness books, there are no shortcuts in maintaining a healthy body," he said.

Mr Hilditch went on to say that a healthy, well-balanced diet must be maintained alongside a regular exercise routine.

He also advised people to make sure that they take time out to relax, as this is also essential to "keep a healthy mind and healthy body".

According to the NHS, fibre can make people feel fuller for longer, which can be a great help to those trying to lose weight and keep it off.

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