Healthy Fish Recipes | Smoked Cod Bake is a fish recipe which is healthy

Healthy Fish Recipes – Smoked Cod Bake

Healthy Fish Recipes

A simple but tasty fish dish. If your having guests round for dinner why not serve in individual pots with new potatoes and green beans?


Smoked Cod Bake is a healthy fish recipe and is over 501 calories.


40g/ ½ oz/3 tbsp low fat-spread
450g/ 1lb smoked cod fillet skinned and cut into 4 pieces
3 hard-boiled eggs sliced
20g/ ¾ oz/ 3 tbsp plain flour
300ml/ ½ pint/ ¼ cups skimmed milk
30ml/2 tbsp chopped basil
75g/ 3oz/ ¾ cup low-fat cheddar cheese grated
25g/ 1oz/ ½ cup fresh white breadcrumbs
2 tomatoes, sliced
Basil sprig
Serve with a mixed salad.

• With a tiny bit of the low fat spread grease up a 1.2 litre oven dish and then put the fish into the oven dish and then place the egg slices on top.
• Place half of the remaining low-fat spread into a saucepan along with the milk and the flour.
• Whisk these until smooth. Bring to the boil and heat for 2 minutes, whisking constantly. Mix in the chopped basil and cheese.
• Spoon the mixture on the fish. Melt the remaining low-fat spread.
• Mix in the breadcrumbs.
• Scatter over the sauce and fish and then bake in a oven that has been pre heated at 190 degrees c/ 375 degrees f. Gas mark for about 45 minutes until the fish is fork tender and the top is golden brown.
• Decorate with a basil sprig and serve with a mixed salad.

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