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Healthy Dinner: Chicken Kiev

Inside-Out Chicken Kievs- The Healthy Way To Have Dinner

 Fancy having a healthy tea but not quite sure of what you could make? Well here’s the solution you’ve been waiting for… inside-out chicken kievs! With minimal prepping and cooked under 20 minutes, eating healthy couldn’t be any easier! This also serves 4 people, so no worrying about what to cook for the family!

Ingredients You Will Need Are:

4 boneless and skinless chicken breasts

25g of garlic butter which has been softened

25g of crispy breadcrumbs


1. First of all you want to put all of the chicken breasts on to a baking tray and rub them all with half of the garlic butter. You can also add any seasoning that you would like for added flavouring. Once this is done, then place the chicken under the grill and leave for 15 minutes. Make sure to turn the chicken over once they have been cooked through.

2. Next, you need to mix together the last of the garlic butter with the breadcrumbs. Then take the chicken out of the grill once they are fully cooked and go on to smear each breast with the breadcrumbed butter which you have just made. Place the smeared chicken back into the grill and cook for a further 6 minutes until all of the breadcrumbs are golden and the garlic butter has completely melted.

 And then it is done! in twenty minutes you can have the perfect tea prepared and placed infront of a well-impressed family (plus its mega healthy!) .

 We reccommend that you serve your dish with all of the buttery juices left on the baking tray, and some spinach.

 Being healthy has never been so easy!

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