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Health news & hot tips this week

blogimageforsarah#1 The Great British Healthy Bake Off begins

Give your baking a healthy overhaul by swapping regular flour with chickpea flour. Why should we? We hear you say. Well, it’s gluten free and really high in fibre, protein and iron. Best of all it’s available from your local supermarket.

#2 Fit buy of the week

Health news doesn’t have to boring

If a skipping rope doesn’t get you jumping into shape in 2015, nothing will. Find your inner child and burn 100 cals in only 10 minutes. Who said losing weight wasn’t fun?  It may even go on the lunchtime agenda here at Slimming Solutions Health News HQ.


#3 There’ll be no slacking on our watch

If you’re a slacker, stop reading now…
A new fitness band hitting the health news headlines will literally shock you into working harder. The Pavlok hits you with 340 volts (perfectly safe, according to the makers) when you slow down. You start by setting a target – ie, steps per day; miles per hour, and if you fail to reach it you get an electric shock to the wrist. If you reach your goal, the makers will send you a fitness-related reward, such as a month’s free pass to your local gym.

Next health news update – 11/02/2015

Can you beat our top 3 this week?