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Health news & hot tips this week

blogimageforsarah#1 Red wine could cure acne
A recent study from the University of California has revealed that resveratol – an antioxidant found in grape skins (and thus red wine) – can banish spots because of its ability to attack and slow down the growth of the bacteria responsible for acne.  We’ll raise a glass to that. It’s no surprise this made it to number 1 on our health news chart this week.

#2 Superfood = super skin
Hot on the heels of kale, other superfoods are making their way into skincare.  Now chia seeds are coming to a bathroom cabinet near you, thanks to their high levels of skin saving omega 3s, antioxidants and impressive hydrating properties.


Health news alert!

#3 Watch out for the 9 – 5 fat trap
A typical day at work could see us eating up to three times more than we would at home at the weekend (we’re all too aware of this here at health news!), according to a new study published in the journal of obesity.  ‘Office life encourages weight gain, ‘says celebrity trainer James Duigan.  Best way to beat it?  Start a food diary to keep a track of all those snacks and, even better, take in your own protein and green based lunch and snacks including nuts, seeds, fruit and veg instead.

#4 Ready for ‘treadmilling’?
Hot on the heels of rowing classes (spinning-style group classes involving rowing machines), come treadmill-training sessions.  Recently launched by Equinox gyms, the Precision Running Workout is designed to make runners stronger and fitter with different routines involving interval training and sprints, plus tips on posture, gait and form.

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