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Govt to make it easier to eat a healthy diet

It will soon be easier to eat a healthier diet, thanks to new government proposals that will see fresh fruit and vegetables become more widely available.

Low income districts of the south-west, East Midlands and West Midlands are being targeted by the government’s Change4Life campaign and corner shops in these areas will receive funding to stock more fresh fruit and vegetables.

They will also be provided with new fruit and veg display stands, point-of-sale and in-store posters and signs encouraging consumers to opt for more nutritious food.

David Soskin, chairman of, said: “Given the cost to the national health service of obesity, I think every encouragement must be given to switch to healthier choices.”

He went on to say that any measures that can convince people eat more healthily should be adopted, as these have a “tremendous long term benefit not only to health but to the economy in general”.

Would you eat more fruit if it was availible in your corner shop?