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Going on a diet ‘is not enough to beat obesity’

Going on a diet 'is not enough to beat obesity'People need to be encouraged to do more than just go on a diet if they are to lose weight and obesity levels are to start decreasing.

This is the conclusion made by researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles, Center for Health Policy Research.

They discovered that the majority of adults in California are obese or overweight and that two million of them have been diagnosed with diabetes.

More than a quarter of adolescents in the US state, which equates to around 970,000 children, are also classed as obese or overweight.

"When so many people of different ages, income and educational levels, and cultural backgrounds are struggling with obesity and diabetes, it suggests that 'going on a diet' is not enough," said the study's co-author Dr Allison Diamant.

She went on to say that more focus needs to be put on promoting regular exercise.

Last month, researchers from the University of Campinas in Brazil found that exercise not only helps people to lose weigh by burning calories, it also reduces appetite.

Trying to lose weight? If so, are you exercising as well as eating healthily?