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Don’t go gluten free if you’re not coeliac

glutenA lot of us Brits, myself included, firmly believe that the key to reducing bloating is to restrict gluten from our diets but new research has found that whilst this may reduce intestinal aggravation, it could, if stuck to long term have a negative effect on our heart health.

Researchers have issued a warning after a study found that restricting gluten from your diet may lead to a low intake of ‘heart healthy’ whole grains and a risk of coronary heart disease in later life.

Thousands of individuals who follow a gluten-free diet but do not have coeliac disease could be effecting their health, experts have warned.


Gluten has its pros and cons


There has been a steep increase in the popularity of gluten free diets across the UK over recent years, mostly championed by ‘clean eating’ gurus.
But researchers have issued a warning after a study found restricting gluten could lead to a low intake of ‘heart healthy’ whole grains.

Restricting gluten may result in a low intake of whole grains, which are associated with cardiovascular benefits, according to the study.

Study author Andrew T Chan, of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, warned that ‘promotion of gluten free diets for the purpose of coronary heart disease prevention among asymptomatic people without coeliac disease should not be recommended’.


I suppose the way forward is to find a healthy, sustainable balance, especially for those of us with non-diagnosed tummy troubles.  If you’re a fellow bloater like me and long for some much needed relief I swear by Teatox, it’s gluten free and calms my flair ups right down.


Sarah xx