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Do you have gluten face?

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When makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury declared she could spot a ‘gluten face’ a mile off she had everyone wondering what on earth she was talking about.  Charlotte explained that it’s easy to identify those who regularly load up on bread, pasta, white rice and other gluten heavy foods by the condition of their skin.  According to Dr. Nilma Talib, a naturopathic doctor and facialist to the stars, gluten face is defined as ‘bloated; puffy around the eyes; red on the cheeks; and prematurely ageing’. ‘When a new client comes to me with these symptoms I know they have too much gluten in their diet, which is affecting their digestion, causing inflammation and showing up as rapid ageing and puffiness in their face,’ she said.

Gluten is also found in sauces, dressings and cakes

It is tricky to avoid unless you give up carbs altogether (although gluten free alternatives are available). However, Nigma explains that cutting back is the answer and can quickly turn things around. ‘It’s a case of not relying on gluten packed food each day and not falling into the “toast for breakfast, sandwich at lunch and pasta for dinner” trap.  Have it in one meal rather than all and increase your water intake to reduce puffiness.’ Calm redness or sensitivity with a moisturiser loaded with zinc (Sudocrem is great) and you’ll see a big difference in a matter of weeks.

Gluten-free cakes here we come!

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Are you a victim of ‘gluten face’?