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Get the right mindset ‘to lose weight fast’

Get the right mindset 'to lose weight fast' (Liquid Library)People need to get their brain in gear in order to get in shape, as a lack of mental motivation could mean individuals are quickly setting themselves up for failure.

This is the view of Ann Finnemore, hypnotherapist, life coach and founder of, who believes that a positive mental approach to fitness is always “the key to losing weight”.

In this regard, the fitness expert advised thinking of ways to change a lifestyle so that it helps the body to become healthier and more active.

To cut the pounds quickly, Ms Finnemore also recommended: “Eat complex carbohydrates – whole grains – instead of refined carbohydrates, such as white bread, white rice and sugar-containing cereals.”

Adding proteins to each meal will also help – which could be as simple as having a few almonds with an apple or a mixture of hummus and crispbreads.

Getting a good night’s sleep could also help people with their weight loss plans, after recent research at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, found that sleep deprivation leads many individuals to eat more.

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