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Get Kim Kardashian’s red-hot body!

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has one of the world’s most talked about bodies, however at only 5ft 2 she works hard by exercising and slimming to maintain her famous curves.

Kim who’s dating rapper Kanye West weighs about 8 ½ stone and works out with her Celebrity Trainer Gunnar Peterson 3 times a week. She begins her session with a 10 minute warm up running on the treadmill, then she holds 5lb weights whilst crunching, squatting and lunging.

“Kim is an incredibly hard worker. She shows up, does the exercises – she makes time for it. She comes right from the airport to the gym and is no stranger to 6am workouts,” says Gunnar.

The size 10 beauty maintains her slim figure by combines her workouts with avoiding foods with too much sugar, gluten or dairy.

“I used to eat a ton of junk but there are plenty of fast-food places with healthy options. When I go out for dinner, though, I eat what I want – you can’t worry about calories all the time,” says Kim.

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