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Get Kelly Brooks bum!

kelly-brook2The stunning 32-year-old shared photos of her slim but curvy size 10 body posing on a Cape Town beach recently leaving women everywhere envying her bootylicious booty.

But don’t worry ladies, whatever your body shape, you can boost your bum with some simple tips from Kelly’s trainer, Nicki Waterman.

Your four-week perfect bum plan

The woman responsible for training Kelly Brook for the Strictly Come Dancing DVD; fitness expert Nicki Waterman, says: “Your bum is made up of three major muscles and, if you work them, it could be tighter, smaller and more pert within four weeks – whatever your size. Do two sets of each exercise every day – the workout takes around five minutes – and you’ll soon see a difference.”

Side-step lunge – This exercise targets the bum cheeks.

Step to the right and lunge, bending your right leg to 90 degrees, ensuring your knee doesn’t go past your toes and keeping your back straight. Pulse up and down 15 times. Repeat by stepping to the left.

Knee lift – This exercise targets the sides of your bottom.

Lie on your left side, knees bent at a 45-degree angle. Keeping your heels together, lift your right knee up, then slowly lower to the count of five seconds. Repeat 15 times, then swap onto your right side and do the same.

Reverse kick – This exercise targets the gluteus minimus which is the?muscle that makes your bottom pert.

Go on all fours, then raise and stretch your right leg out behind you, until in line with your body, then bring your knee back to the floor. Repeat 15 times, and then swap to the other leg.

Do you have any exercise tips for a pert bum?