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Get fit with easy home workouts

womenexerciseHere’s a quick, short, full body workout (with modifications) to get you in shape in the comfort of  your own home. Do this 3 times a week along whilst following a healthy diet to get the best results.

Home workouts, lets go!


Warm up:

  • 2 minutes jump rope (jumping jacks)



  • 30 seconds of each of these exercises as fast as you can with excellent form: push ups (modification: knees on the ground), sit ups (modification: crunches), squat jumps (modification: air squats)
  • rest for 1 minute
  • repeat 4 times



  • 2 squat thrusts EMOTM for 4 minutes. This means every minute on the minute. You can rest for the remainder of the minute once you complete your 2 squat thrusts (if you have time!) before your minute is up! You will do this for a total of 8 reps. This is the most challenging part of the workout! Try to do these faster every time so you can have longer rest periods. Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t finish these the first time around, it’s something to work toward!! Rest 2 minutes once finished.


Home workouts are becoming more popular than ever.



  • 30 seconds of each of the following as fast as you can: high knees, butt-kicks, tuck jumps, followed by 30 second wall sit.
  • rest for 1 minute
  • repeat 3 times



  • 30 second plank holds followed by a 30 second rest
  • repeat 3 times



  • Hold each pose for 30 seconds: reach for the floor (hamstring stretch), grab each ankle from behind & switch (quad stretch), reach each arm over the other & switch(shoulder stretch), reach behind you and hold each elbow & switch (tricep stretch), reach for the ceiling (upper back stretch).


And relax,we hope you enjoyed your workout!

We’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on home workouts.