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Get a super-toned body like Jen

Jennifer Aniston looked stunning showing off her slim frame in an ivory gown at a recent LA awards ceremony.

After following a low-carb diet in her 20s to lose weight, the actress, 43 – who’s engaged to actor Justin Theroux – has maintained her figure over the years.  And after over indulging and gaining a few pounds in Hawaii in May 2010, the Friends star has honed her body even more by sticking to a healthy, protein-rich diet that includes plenty of salmon, quinoa, lentils and fresh fruit and vegetables.

Jennifer – who is 5ft 4 and 8st – is also a fan of using yoga and Pilates techniques for weight loss.  She says: “I work out five or six days a week.  I do 40 minutes or cardio exercises, including spinning, running and work on the elliptical (cross-trainer).”