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Gemma Collins unveils dramatic weight loss

Gemma Collins has got herself in shape through regular exerciseReality star Gemma Collins has proudly showed off her dramatic weight loss after embarking on a strict fitness regimen.

The Only Way is Essex star, who previously weighed 17-and-a-half stone, began regularly visiting the gym and eating healthily to lose weight.

Gemma, 30, emerged from a work out looking noticeably slimmer in a pink vest and black leggings.

She insisted that she embarked on the work out regime to improve her health rather than to improve her image.

"I don't want to be unhealthy," she said. "I'd say I am still proud of my curves, but I want to be healthy. I know I'm obese and it's not doing me any good – I can't say I only ate salad because, clearly, I do overindulge."

She added that she is never going to be tiny because she would look ill. She conceded, however, that she does need to lose a few more pounds.

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