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Frozen yoghurt myth exposed

Frozen yoghurt myth exposedMany people are under the illusion that, as frozen yoghurt is low in fat, they can eat as much of it as they like and not put on weight, a health and fitness writer has stated.

Karen Borsari, writing for Shape magazine, exposed the myth that frozen yoghurt is a dieter’s best friend.

“While most frozen yogurt is non-fat or very low in fat, the calories still add up,” she writes.

Ms Borsari explained that even the lowest-calorie flavours at most frozen yogurt shops contain about 30 to 35 calories per ounce and around 20g of sugar.

This means that a 16-ounce serving has 380 calories and 76g of sugar, before any toppings are added.

“If you’re going to spoon down one of these delicious frozen snacks, stick with the small [size portion] for about 150 calories or the medium for 230,” she advised.

Last month, the Daily Mail reported that NHS Doncaster was operating a scheme in which ice creams were given out to workers in order to reduce their stress levels.

Did you realise how many calories frozen yoghurt contained?