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Food & drink trends predicted for 2017

food & drink trendsWe’ve almost reached the end of another year so we thought it would only be apt to give you all a little insight into the expected food & drink trends for 2017. Some of them weird some of them wonderful.  We’ll let you make your mind up.


2016 will definitely go down as the year of the spiralizer.
From courgette to pumpkin and sweet potato, there’s no vegetable that can’t be shredded into veggie spaghetti.


Sugar became the enemy, processed food was devils work and anyone and everyone seemed to be sporting a flask or fancy water bottle.


So what culinary delights can we look forward to next year?


We take a little peek at the food and drink that could be making its way to a kitchen near you very soon..


This was first introduced in the UK two years ago but now, due to the Hygge craze, salted and cured fish and meat is expected to take off in 2017.
Mined in the Himalayas, the salt comes in one huge block. It’s highly versatile, and is used to grill, sear and cook food, it’s also resistant to very high heat and extreme cold.
One of the most popular salt block methods is to cure fish such as salmon or tuna between two blocks for up to 3 days.
Salt is usually seen as unhealthy, but due to the low porosity of these blocks, the salt that comes through into the cooking is subtle and evenly distributed.


When it comes to large party entertaining, we Brits love nothing more than a good ol’ buffet. But you can forget sausage rolls or cheese & pineapple on sticks – things are about to get so much more sophisticated.
The smorgasbord, or smorrebrod (a large sharing platter), as it’s called in Denmark, is the way forward. In the recently published Waitrose Food and Drink Report 2016, 60% of people said they would rather host or attend a party than go to a restaurant. And when it comes to dinner parties, formal, three-course sit-downs are old news.
A decent smorgasbord should include plenty of salted and pickled fish, and a variety of hard and soft cheeses, cured meats, salads and pickles. Delish!


‘Don’t have time to cook’ will no longer be deemed a ‘reasonable’ excuse for having a crisp sandwich for dinner in 2017. A trend for cooking entire meals by microwaving ingredients in a mug proves that you can prepare a hearty, healthy, fast and simple home-cooked meal during an advert break.
The craze for mug cooking started when a recipe for a goey chocolate cake took the net by storm.
With over 95% of households owning a microwave, recipes have been developed and now expand to cover every mealtime.
The chef Theo Michaels has published a book of 50 microwave meals including everything from Spag Bol to stuffed chicken breasts. Prepare, pop in the microwave and wait for the ping. Simples.


Already available in salads or enjoyed deep-fried as part of a Chinese takeaway, the seaweed market is expanding with seaweed expected to become as big as kale, come next year we could all be eating it for dinner.
Organic seaweed spaghetti from The Cornish Seaweed Company is sold in Tesco for £4.50 and, for the health conscious, could become a staple at mealtimes
Low in calories, vegan and high in calcium and iron, seaweed is expected to be 2017’s most popular superfood.


Unusual food & drink trends for the coming year


The rising trend for healthy eating is expected to continue and throughout 2017 you could see yourself be swapping your blueberry yoghurt for a beetroot one!
Flavours featuring sweeter tasting veg such as carrot, sweet potato, pumpkin and beetroot have proved to be huge in the U.S. and Australia and are expected to hit our supermarket shelves in the spring.
Not to be mistaken as a breakfast accompaniment – vegetable yoghurts are served with spicy savoury meals such as curry.


Yes, you heard right! – naturally low fat and high in protein, cottage cheese was on every calorie-counting, dieting woman’s shopping list in the 70s and 80s.
Then suddenly, after its appearance was recognised as being similarly uncanny to that of cellulite – the very stuff you wanted to be rid of – it went horribly out of fashion very quickly.
But with the growing appetite for low-carb, high protein foods, cottage cheese is back with a new image. It’s creamer, the texture is less gloopy and the flavours are more daring.
M&S is forecasting a boom in sales and has introduced some delicious new flavours, including red pepper tapenade and smoked salmon and dill. Yum!


Where GBBO goes, others soon follow. When churros were set as a challenge during this year’s series, our curiosity got the better of us.
Waitrose reported that a recipe by the baker Martha Collison was the most talked about on their social media pages.
British food writer Rachel Khoo has created a healthier, savoury one made from potato. So, to be on trend in 2017, ditch your sugar coated, jammy doughnut, for a thin one dipped in chocolate or tomato ketchup.


Like sushi? Then you’ll love this – Hawaiian poke (pronounced poh-keh) could well be your new fave!
Similar in colour and texture to tuna, it’s traditionally marinated in soy and lime and served raw. Poke bowls (fish mixed with salads and proteins) are already very fashionable in the U.S and Poke bowl restaurants are now popping up everywhere.  Waitrose will become stockists of the fish in the New Year.


Fuelled by the influence of clean-eating gurus, gluten-free food has risen in popularity over the past couple of years.
We can expect an increase in ‘meaty’ vegetables being used to replace less fashionable and unhealthy carbs such as pasta, chips and bread.
Veggie crisps and sweet potato fries are already readily available in supermarkets and most restaurants.
Leading the way in 2017 will be the aubergine. Sales have gone up by 18% in the last  few months and are expected to boom next year. Expect to see aubergines replacing burger buns and pasta sheets in lasagne.


Birch sap is naturally sweet and high in antioxidants. Added to spring water, it makes for a healthy, thirst-quenching drink and is described as tasting ‘like a breath of fresh air’.
Cactus water is also predicted to spike in the next couple of months. Extracted from prickly pears, it’s also packed full of immune-boosting antioxidants and minerals and is  available in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and health stores.
Also tipped for big things is cold-pressed watermelon juice.
Beyoncé recently bought a large stake in a company called WTRMLN WTR, saying: ‘It’s the future of clean, natural hydration.’
Sweet, low- calorie and high in potassium, watermelon water and juice is predicted to be as big as coconut water, which currently has a UK market value of £60 million.


If your new years resolution is to lose weight we’re here to help and with some exciting new products on the way for 2017 we’ll help you reach your goal and become the best version of you.