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Focus on positives in diet for weight loss

Focus on positives in diet for weight lossPeople attempting to reach a weight loss goal should think about what they are doing well in their diet rather than focusing on the negatives, one expert has noted.

However, according to nutritionist Penny Crowther, being caught in this "perfection trap" can work against weight loss.

She explains that people who set unrealistic goals tend to adopt an "all or nothing" mindset.

"[This] goes something along the lines of 'I've eaten a cream cake now or had a heavy night out, therefore I've messed up and might as well ditch the whole healthy eating thing because I'm no good at it'," she said.

However, this will only hinder making healthy lifestyle changes, and people should instead think more about how 80 per cent of a diet should be healthy and 20 per cent should be free choice.

Most importantly, people should concentrate on the positives – not on what they think they do wrong – and they will find they are eating more and more healthily.

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