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Fitness holidays ‘becoming a weight loss favourite’

Fitness holidays ' becoming a weight loss favourite'Fitness holidays are becoming a popular means of losing weight among the country's women, according to one expert.

Steve Halsall, celebrity fitness trainer and fitness entrepreneur, said that triathlon and cycling have "exploded" in popularity in recent years, and holidays involving these activities will also do so.

It comes after the new Global Trends Report by Euromonitor International showed that destination spas and camps with tough fitness regimes will flourish in the coming months as travellers seek a "physically and mentally transformative experience".

Mr Halsall noted that people want more from their time away nowadays, and this includes fitness holidays where they can unwind while being productive.

"People can actually come away from holiday having had a great time, probably lost weight and learnt something on the way," he explained.

The specialist noted that a key thing people need to do before travelling on one of these types of holidays is to ensure that their fitness instructors are accredited so they can be sure of getting the maximum benefit out of the trip.

Have you ever considered going on a health and fitness holiday?