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Fish and green vegetables: The “gold standard in losing weight”

Those who want to lose weight should ditch the carbs and opt for a protein-rich diet including fish and vegetables instead, according to a celebrity personal trainer.

Fitness instructor to the stars James Duigan told the Mirror that these foods are the “gold standard in losing weight”.

“The protein from the fish fills you up and the vegetables are full of amazing antioxidants that boost health and energy levels,” he explained.

He went on to suggest eggs as also being “fantastic” for weight loss, with studies showing that those who eat eggs at breakfast time consume fewer calories overall as they are a very filling food.

Those who don’t want to cut out carbohydrates completely from their diets should opt for small quantities of brown carbs, such as wholemeal bread, pasta and brown rice, he added.

Following Mr Duigan’s recommendations could do more than just help people to lose weight, with recent research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine revealing that a diet rich in high-GI carbohydrates can increase heart disease risk in women.

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