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Fifth of women diet before going to a friend’s weddings

A fifth of all women have dieted before going to a friend’s wedding, a recent study has shown.

The survey, conducted by SlimFast, found that female wedding guests lose an average of three pounds before the big day.

It also revealed that nearly half of all brides lose weight before they tie the knot, with an average of eight pounds being shed.

A third of women admitted that they would consider choosing an overweight friend to be their bridesmaid, so that they would look slimmer in comparison.

Speaking on behalf of SlimFast, life coach Pete Cohen said that weddings really bring out the self-consciousness of women.

"Everyone knows that they are going to be in the limelight. Everyone knows there are going to be photographs taken," he explained.

Mr Cohen advised women against embarking on starvation-type diets and "ridiculous" exercise regimes in order to slim down for such events.

He recommended following a sensible diet plan as a great way for women to achieve the slimmer figure they desire.

Are you going to a wedding any time soon? Why not set yourself a goal to lose weight before the big day?