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Fat free chips developed

Those struggling to lose weight because they enjoy the sensation of snacking too much may be interested to hear about a new product that has become available.

Slim Chips are made from nothing but edible paper and a bit of colouring and flavouring, providing serial snackers with something fat-free to sink their teeth into.

The chips come in three colours and flavours – yellow sweet potato, purple blueberry and green peppermint.

They were created by Icelandic product designer Hafsteinn Juliusson and his website is set to start selling the slimming aids in September, but they won’t come cheap.

Each bag is set to cost around £11.50, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

If they help dieters to lose weight quickly then the crisps could well become as popular as other weight loss products available in the UK.

Sales of such diet aids have increased by a third since 2008, a survey conducted by grocery shopping and comparison site mySupermarket.co.uk found last month.

Would you give the Slim Chips a try?