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Family meal times ‘encourage healthy eating’

Family meal times 'encourage healthy eating'Setting a specific time for family meals can help to ensure that every member of the household eats healthily, one expert has noted.

Naomi Richards, a life coach for children, said that family dinners have many benefits, as they can provide an opportunity for families to talk about their day and discuss their thoughts and feelings.

She said that children are more likely to develop healthy eating habits into adulthood if they sit with their family at meal times

"If the food put in front of them is healthy and nutritious and the whole family is eating it then the children are more likely to follow suit. It is also important that children learn to sit down and eat and not wander around," Ms Richards added.

The expert said it is unlikely that children who are not set a good example will go on to make healthy food choices, as when they are out of the house they may be tempted to eat high fat or salty foods that are no good for their body.

"Children watch and learn from their parents, so they need to be food and healthy eating role models too," she concluded.

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