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Experts suggest why exercise cuts heart disease risk

Experts suggest why exercise cuts heart disease riskA team of experts believe they have found the biological reason why exercise cuts a person's risk of heart disease as well as helping them to lose weight.

Scientists at Harvard University examined a number of people to see if they could find out why doing three hours' worth of vigorous exercise a week decreases the likelihood of suffering a cardiac arrest by 22 per cent.

It was discovered that physical activity boosts levels of good cholesterol and vitamin D in the blood, but also cuts haemoglobin A1c and apolipoprotein B, all factors that impact on cardiac health.

Lead author Andrea Chomistek said: "The fact that vitamin D plays a role in the relationship between exercise and risk of heart disease is a new finding."

However, she suggested that an increase in vitamin D may only occur if the participant is outside, so it could be a good idea to try and take up outdoor sports instead of going to the gym.

Sunscreen is important for anyone doing this even on cloudy days, Bevis Man from the British Skin Foundation recently reiterated.

Has this encouraged you to do more jogging, cycling or other sports for fitness?