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Expert advice on burning more calories this Christmas

Expert advice on burning more calories this ChristmasWhen Christmas gets closer, it can be very tempting to throw your usual routine out of the window and just sit around munching on selection boxes.

However, this won’t do your slimming regime much good and could leave your clothes feeling tighter come January.

Instead, try fitting in little bursts of exercise throughout the holiday in order to burn calories and keep your diet on track.

First, go for a brisk walk as regularly as possible – Motley Fool suggests scheduling this in your diary so you make time.

You could also get in extra exercise by walking to get last-minute presents and hand-delivering cards to friends and family.

On Christmas Day itself, you can still get a bit of fresh air to help burn off that big dinner – Fitness Tips for Life suggests going for a family stroll afterwards instead of slumping in front of the TV.

Finally, why not have some fun with fitness games on consoles like the Wii in the evening? This will get your heart pumping and burning fat without you even realising.

Are you planning to have a more active Christmas this year?